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By: Mo, with MissyQuinn (featured in photo)
Once you click my application link, the site will explain everything you need to know with step-by-step instructions, but here's a quick overview to help you get ready.

What you'll need for the application: 

  • Your legal photo ID, driver's license, passport, or other government-issued ID.  
  • A full-body picture of yourself (nude preferred but not required), looking your best.  Don't be worried that you aren't attractive enough to be a webcam model - YOU ARE!  Presenting your best, most confident self is what makes it work!  
  • A photo of you holding your ID.
  • A clear, readable photo or scanned image of your ID (front and back).
  • Your social security number (for your tax forms).
  • A stage-name that you've chosen (think up a few in case the one you really want is already taken).  Remember, cute and sexy names catch more attention and are more memorable than strings of numbers and initials.  Also, adding numbers or symbols to a name you want but that's already in use is considered rude in many circles and is definitely unoriginal.  Put some effort into it and enjoy the opportunity to be creative!  

They will get back to you in a few business days.

What you'll need to start modeling:
  • A reliable, fast internet connection.  There's a link to a free internet speed-test on the application page (you can check it out here just for fun).
  • A decent webcam and microphone. 

I asked model MissyQuinn for a list of useful ideas for starting out.  Here's a summary of our conversation:
  • Have a work-space.  Anywhere will do with a little creativity, but having a nice, quiet room to yourself makes things a lot easier.  Just remember that you need enough privacy that no one who isn't also registered as a model accidentally winds up on camera.  
  • How necessary are sex toys?  You don't really need them starting out, but they're something you'll want to invest in as the money starts to come in.  They can add variety to your act and they tend to make customers feel more like they're getting their money's worth.  And when it's time to go toy shopping, remember to shop within your comfort level and read the packaging or ask someone in the store if there is anything you aren't sure about.  Keep in mind that not all toys are meant for insertion, and that your comfort and enjoyment are just as important as your customers'.  Also remember that random objects like food and bottles cannot be used as dildos as per site rules.  
  • People will pressure you for free private shows or free flashes of your goodies.  Ignore them.  Be polite (unless rudeness is part of your act, of course), be open, be friendly, be flirty, but do not give anything away.  You will see other models and site users engaging in free flashing and free private shows, but don't worry about them. You are there to make money, and nothing worthwhile is free.  
  • "It's better to play well with others," a direct quote from MissyQuinn.  Try to get along with the other models who are also there to make money, work together, play fun games to try and earn tips together, and don't be afraid to compliment or even tip your moderators.  
  • "Confidence is the key to everything.  Confidence is sexy."  Wear something you can feel sexy in.  Well-fitting lingerie and outfits that compliment your figure will get you noticed, and this job is an excuse to update your wardrobe with great, sexy new stuff.  Have a little fun with your hair and make-up, too!  
  • There are a few ways you can receive payment.  We're all a little disappointed that PayPal isn't on that list, but MissyQuinn chose Payoneer, a service that sends you a MasterCard debit card that your paychecks load to.  The ATM fees are a little higher than most banks, but she is happy to report that she has no complaints about the service.  
  • Unfortunately, safety has to go on this list.  Don't give customers your real name, your phone number, your home address, your email address, your Skype or social media information, etc.  Obviously, never, ever, ever meet them.  You can create a wishlist on the site, and if customers want to buy you gifts the items can be sent to you safely via InternetModeling.com each month.